Ask the Alpha Male

The life of an Alpha Male. Fun with friends, free lap dances in clubs, or teaching Close Quarter Combat to military and Law Enforcement.

I get so many questions I don’t have time to answer them all!

That is actually true, I am not one of those guys who sends out emails saying “SO many people have asked about blah blah” when NO ONE asked about it, or even knew to ask about it.

Being the Admin and Head Coach for the Neil Strauss Stylelife Academy and forums with almost 90,000 members, all of my awesome Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace (only still have it so people can find me) friends, and all the students or fans of the Pick Up world messaging me, many slip thru the cracks, even though I try my best to answer them all.

So I am coming up with a new weekly post here. Send in your questions, it can be about chicks, self confidence, firearms training, politics, martial arts, anything funny, or whatever else you may be curious about.

I will answer some of them each week, and will try to do so every time with a youtube video response.

And rest assured, unlike many other people who try to give advice, I am really good at it!

Email me at with the subject as ASK THE ALPHA MALE and I will pick some each week.

Don’t be the guy who thinks their question will never get answered, start now and there is a good chance it could be YOURS!


9 responses to “Ask the Alpha Male

  1. wow, this is awesome bravo. thanks. too often its so tough to actually get questions answered personally from the experts without spending thousands of dollars to attend a bootcamp. i’ll be submitting some questions to you, and looking forwarding to hearing the answers and advice to my, and everyone else’s questions.

  2. Bravo is the man! Been taking his advice in a certain MMA forum, and it has not just worked well, but blown away what i did bartending! His advicce not only worked for me, but for lots of others, do what he says and the ladies will love you!!!

  3. nice one Bravo, as usual. The sheer quality of the women that have been coming into my life since I started taking your advice is totally mind boggling. I am actually starting to feel like I have some magnetic force that attracts the exact type I want to meet. Plus, I now know how to give them have a really great time. Guys, if you haven’t already….start listening to Bravo!!

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  5. Techfall :
    My question to you is so forth. What is the riddle of steel?

    Made me think of you.



    and to answer your question

    The Riddle of Steel is central to the plot of John Milius’s 1982 movie, Conan the Barbarian.
    “Crom is strong! If I die, I have to go before him, and he will ask me, ‘What is the riddle of steel?’ If I don’t know it, he will cast me out of Valhalla and laugh at me.” ~Conan the Barbarian
    In the beginning, we see Conan’s father explain the Celtic lore concerning the ancient Giant Kings of earth stealing the forging secrets from the god Crom. Conan’s father added his interpretation that you cannot trust things of the flesh, but steel in your hand you can trust. Even though Conan’s father had produced a superior sword, he and the people of Conan’s village were all killed by an overwhelming force lead by Thulsa Doom.
    After Conan seeks out the group that murdered his people, Doom explains to him, “Steel isn’t strong, boy. Flesh is stronger. Look around you.” Thulsa motions to some of the thousands of followers surrounding his mountain who worship him as the mouthpiece of God. He points up to the top of a cliff, “There, on the rocks, that beautiful girl.” He motions to the girl, “Come to me, my child.” The girl steps off the cliff and falls to her death. “That is strength, boy. That is power: the strength and power of flesh. What is steel compared to the hand that wields it? Look at the strength of your body, the desire in your heart. I give you this …such a waste. Contemplate this on the tree of woe. Crucify him.”
    Conan is nailed to a dead tree in the desert for several days until rescued. As he heals, he reflects upon the Riddle of Steel. No longer does the barbarian limit himself to direct brute assault. Using covert methods and battlefield tactics, Conan and his friends inflict great damage to their enemy. However, the cumulative result of all Conan’s vengeance does not harm the overall power of Thulsa’s cult. It isn’t until his father’s sword is broken that Conan realizes the true answer to the riddle: all the power of both steel and flesh come from one’s beliefs. As long as Conan believes in the power of Doom, he reinforces Thulsa’s strength just as much as any cult follower. Conan finally defeats Thulsa Doom by simply controlling his own mind, by choosing and implementing the belief that is most useful for himself.

  6. Hey Bravo this is Simran Gill. I have been doing well of late and I am working on getting better and better. You told me to post a question on this site. Can you give me some situational openers to use on people at the mall? thanks

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