Ask the Alpha Male Episode #1

I was almost overwhelmed with all the questions I received from you guys (and a few girls) last week when I wrote about a new feature I am going to have each week.


I thought I would be lucky to get a handful, so thank you to everyone who emailed me, and if I didn’t pick you this time, feel free to resubmit.

I was able to get thru a few questionsin this first video, and also a little bit about my background, why I got into Pick Up, how I started working for Neil Strauss, and what qualifies me as an ALPHA MALE

The questions I picked are about how to choose between 2 girls, if marital arts help your game, and more-

I hope everyone enjoys it, and if you have a question you want me to try and respond to next week email me at with the subject line ASK THE ALPHA MALE


6 responses to “Ask the Alpha Male Episode #1

  1. Awesome advice from Bravo. This guy is the real deal…i’ve seen him in field and I was completely blown away. As an Executive Coach for Stylelife, Bravo helped transform my AFC ways so that now I get the girls that I WANT. Don’t take my word for it though, listen to his advice, submit your questions and find out for yourself. Thanks for taking the time to help us out!

  2. awesome video bravo. i’m really excited about this weekly Q&A. so may other guys that claim to be experts won’t even acknowledge you unless you’re putting money in their pockets right up front, the fact that you are sharing this truly shows your professionalism, your expertise in the field, and the fact that you really desire to help us get better.

    i’ve noticed these things back when i first interacted with you on the stylelife forums, and now that you are going beyond that to help teach guys to improve their game and their lives, really shows that you are the real deal.

    can’t wait for the next session…

  3. Hitman, I can’t ever imagine you being an AFC. Maybe thats because since I’ve known you you HAVE gotten all the girls you want haha.

    And as I was thinking about my question for next weeks video, I realized how ironic it was that I would never have even been asking questions like this if it wasnt for Bravo in the first place haha.

  4. If you truly thought you were wasting time with the question, it wouldn’t have made it to the video 😉

    Just be glad I didn’t ask how much wood would a wood chuck chuck?

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