Project X

Like many of you after I finished reading The Game, I thought WHAT IF…


  • What if I could master the art of Pick Up and the skills of Attraction
  • What if I could get the balls to walk right up to a beautiful girl and talk to her
  • What if I could seduce her
  • What if I could make her a girlfriend (s)
  • What if I could finally start living the life I always dreamed about


The problem was, we didn’t know where to start or where to go.

Then after a little time on Google, we’d stumbled upon a site that offered us a chance to MASTER THE GAME, the only problem was a rushed together E-Book or a crappy set of DVDs isn’t going to do shit to help us in the long run!


(Luckily for me, I got into this years ago and did’t have to deal with as many scammers and liars as you do.)


But the biggest WHAT IF of them all, the one I, and pretty sure ALL of you dreamed about, was never even offered before?



*fuck I feel cheesy writing that

What did we all dream being a part of, so we could not only MASTER everything I listed above, but even MORE







Project Hollywod


Too bad it was already LONG GONE by the time you finished reading about it.

So I had to develop my own version of it, I could rebuild it, make it stronger…faster

I used all the knowledge I have gained in my years learning THE GAME

From teaching across the world, helping THOUSAND of men, running sold out seminars and bootcamps, and working with/teaching/partying with the WHO’s WHO of OG’ers from THE GAME

Using the skills I learned before Pick Up, where I taught military and law enforcement across the United States the skills they needed to survive

From being married, going thru a divorce, and all the girls I have dated before and after

Running a yoga studio focusing on health and wellness

-I forget that I have done all that sometimes 😀


SO I have been spending years thinking about what my DREAM program would contain


and now for the first time can publicly share a little bit of what I am calling




It’s not a seminar

not a bootcamp


…and MORE


Quiet and private place to learn at- CHECK

Low student to instructor ratio- CHECK

Near bars, clubs, coffee shops, malls, busy sidewalks to practice DAY and NIGHT game- CHECK


Transportation to and from the airport- CHECK

Place to sleep, after party (and use for sexy time)- CHECK

Learning from one of the TOP MASTER PUAs in The Game today- CHECK

Having me as your personal wing while in field- CHECK

Proven routines and top secret tips and tricks taught that you can use that night- CHECK

On the fly adjustments to cover exactly what you need and want, not stuff you already know- CHECK

Charging WAY less than what I could in this industry- CHECK

Money back guarantee- CHECK



and that is just some of it!


Let me summarize all of that for ya

You cover getting here and your spot in this course, and everything else is taken care of, for less than what others charge, who offer WAY less than I, and we basically live together for 3 days EATING AND BREATHING pick up and alpha-ness


Now the disclaimer

This might be a horrible idea, I might lose my ass doing this, maybe I test it out and it is just too much for me to handle and I never offer it again.

So what I am going to do is offer PROJECT X, ONLY ONCE, at a special discount to readers of my blog and my forum. Afterwards if the guys who are in it tell me it is even half as cool as I think it is, MAYBE I will offer it again, at the normal (still low) price.

This isn’t BS marketing spin, there is only 1 of me, I can only handle a handful of guys (since I always hold myself to the highest in professional standards), and a few of the spots are already RSVPed for guys who I have been doing long term coaching with (you can ask them about it on my forum)

So if this is something you want to make sure you hear about FIRST and want in, sign up on the upper right side of this page with your name and email address, and follow the steps, any questions post below. Once I launch this, it will be first come first serve, and only way I can do that fair is to blast it to my list at the same time. (you of course can keep checking back HERE to see if you beat me by the 10 mins it takes me to do that after I post)

After those spots are gone it will be closed.

And to give you a little more info, all I can share now is this will be happening in Phx and around 30-45 days from NOW


Your move


9 responses to “Project X

  1. Sorry if the site is a little slow, looks like the combo of this new post, my birthday, and a certain blog post elsewhere I am getting a lot of traffic- but would rather have it this way than the other


  2. Hmmmm….I think I might know which blog post you are talking about….

    And Project X looks like it is going to be absolutely amazing!

    Or maybe its the fact that I know you are a no BS guy who really cares about both his students and the level of his work = Prject X looking amazing.

  3. Joe :
    Bravo, do we put our name and email address under the “free 30 minute interview” title?

    “YES I want the interview for FREE! I also want to make sure never to miss any of giveaways, discounts, or special time sensitive posts!”

    that would be big a 10-4 Ghostrider

  4. What’s Hapnin’ Brother?? Project X sounds quite interesting. Keep me posted, I already added my info. PEACE Brotha!


  5. this looks sooo awesome. i wish i could do this (not 21 years old yet).

    whoever goes on this… u r very lucky haha

  6. ya good point

    must be over 21

    also just sent out the blog broadcast about THIS post (forgot to yesterday after I made it…had to run out for my BDay)

    so just sent it

    so to anyone who JUST singed up for my site, that email will be the same as the announcement for when I launch this.

  7. Hey bravo I really am siked about your idea! How much would it cost?(round number). I would like to start saving up for this.

  8. If I sent you a link to this post, it is because I have now been emailed, facebooked, contacted thru this blog, messaged on my forum, or one way or another contacted about PROJECT X

    So first off, THANK YOU for checking my site out and being at least a little bit interested in it!

    So for everyone, all the info I have right now is in the blog post.

    Pricing and other details are being finalized right now.

    As SOON as I have any more info I will post it here in a comment, or as a new blog post (prob as a new blog post, that’s why I said to sign up on the upper right of this page so when I blast the email list, you guys will know about it minutes after I post it)

    Wish I could tell you more, but I just cant right now….in a few days I will

    Thanks guys, and hope you get in!


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