Need motivation? My cat has gotten more action than YOU!



This is Kali, maybe you’ve heard about her before.



Kali LOVES to snuggle!

Even though I am a dog guy, this little son of a bitch that I found under my truck one day as a tiny starving kitten is my baby. She also sleeps in my bed every night. Sometimes near my feet, other times she likes to climb on top of me and “paw” me as long as she can.


She also likes to snuggle with the lucky lady who happens to be in bed with me.


I was doing some math a while ago and a VERY safe estimate of girls that Kali has snuggled with would be in the 50’s.

She is polite enough to wait until after sex and any clean up before she hops into bed (she is classy like that) and if the girl likes cats, sooner or later Kali ends up laying on us wanting some lovin too!

The girls are naked while this happens, and at some point Kali cops a feel, other times she will start “pawing” their tits


SO if you EVER need any motivation, think about this for a second.


My cat, who is a FEMALE, has probably touched more titties in her 7 years on this earth than you have!




I don’t want to live in a world where that is the case, so please fix this ASAP!


5 responses to “Need motivation? My cat has gotten more action than YOU!

  1. seriously, if you need to save that pic or print it out and carry it with you for motivation when AA starts creeping up on you!

  2. seriously guys, think it like this. other pickup guru says that you should practice with them for years or months to know the secret of attracting women… here is my story..i always believe that i was good at women, but not in the level of pickup artists. so i want more, then i met bravo in facebook, just by copypasting his status and post it on mine… my girlfriend was turned on and she thinks im more matured now.haha and oh as a result..we did some…. (secret). nyahahaha after weeks of not doing it. so bravo is the real deal, and watch his youtubes , and observe what he is doing. ive tried it myself and it really works, im a beginner. and what can i say it works.

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