Time to FUCK

Project X is less than 48 hours away.


From now, until at least Monday…if I survive, I will be offline.


So if you contacted me, I will get back to you as soon as I can.

If you purchased any Coaching Calls or my Online Game program, I will set it up ASAP after.


I will also let you guys know how it goes after, and also what is in store for BravoPUA.com in the very near future.


Until then-



…going dark


One response to “Time to FUCK

  1. Hi bro,

    I know you’re doing your Project X this weekend, but just thought I’d spin you this quick comment for feedback – I’ve been using your email closing that you use, in my work life; that is, using “Respectfully” instead of “Kind Regards” or “Yours” etc. Since I’ve started using this, I’ve had a big increase in the success I’m getting with my work which relies on these people – I even had one company director comment on it, saying it was refreshing to see someone break the standard for salutations in emails and letters, and noted that it was a short, sharp way that I showed my professionalism whilst not making it impersonal.

    Just thought you’d appreciate hearing how your influence has helped people in all areas of life! 🙂


    Jamie 🙂

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