She thanks me for taking her virginity…

“I’m really lucky that my first time is with you” -a lovely, 22 year old, dancer, former virgin.

In this audio, listen to PROOF that you can be smooth with the ladies, NOT be a dirtbag, and actually have them THANK you for fucking their brains out.




….I have a rough life, but I do it all for you guys!


“NICE guys” love to try and get on their moral high horse when getting into pick up. They develop a set of beliefs about what is RIGHT and what is WRONG, either thru crappy love movies, bad advice from women, or just from their distorted imagination about what women want.

One of the most frustrating things, as a coach, is trying to break thru this….getting them to realize they don’t understand women and to drop all of their incorrect andĀ unsubstantiatedĀ beliefs.

So while we were laying in bed after sex, and the conversation started to go down this path, I thought hearing it from a woman might help some of you- so quickly grabbed my camera! (which of course is always strategically places near my bed)

We already talked about my job and everything I do, and we also made some videos after this…further proving that she was a NAUGHTY girl just WAITING for a man to come along and make her feel safe enough to share her inner slut, which I was happy to help.

Which leads into another important lesson. The sex toy industry is already over 4 BILLION dollars a year, which is a market dominated by women (toys for women / porn for men)- how much more proof do guys need that women WANT sex!!!

Lastly the audio also proves that being 100% open and honest with your intentions can lead to some amazingĀ experiences.


Isn’t it about time you learn how to be the man they are playing with themselves every night thinking about?


COACHING with Bravo


She actually contacted ME first on PoF, because of my profile which I cover in my Online Game 2.0 program


How awesome is that?

She hit on ME first, and then thanked me for fucking her.



5 responses to “She thanks me for taking her virginity…

  1. Irish :
    Bravo ā€“ you are all that AND a bag of chips! Thank you for the continual inspiration.

    I actually had in the post, but removed it

    IF I can do this kind of shit= ANYONE can!

    It really is all here for the taking…if guys want it bad enough

  2. -I originally wasn’t going to share this, but this chick on our first date- we fooled around but didnt have sex

    she had a FULL bush- and no guy had ever seen it before

    I told her to shave that shit before our 2nd date

    When she showed up, I asked her if she did, she said “no, I thought you were joking”

    So I took her into the shower, and shaved her bald.

    As I was sitting in the shower, with her leaning forward with her hands reachign back spreading herself wide open, me shaving her pussy and asshole, on our 2nd date, I paused and thought

    -who would ever believe this shit!

    I then stuck it in all 3 holes, and took 2 of their V cards


  3. Bravo you are the real deal, if this audio doesn’t convince guys that your dating life CAN improve with the write info, then u need to rethink why the fuck you reading up on PUA – he lives IN FIELD guys, he is not a jack off selling endless books and CDs

    And i can vouch for the phone coaching and he is bang on the money

    The difference is this guy doesn’t just talk the talk he walks it and its fucking inspiring he posts this stuff for free guys, THANK YOU awesome audio

    this chick actually sounds cool and friends with benefits material, can I borrow her?


    Peace out from London


  4. Your OCD military life is kicking in! Shaving it for her was probably natural for you even before you got into to Pick Up… lol.

    Which I suppose is a good thing, so here’s a comment you might like. It’s my thoughts about this post and about you in general.

    “You have a clean and polished nature from you times a full-time firearms and tactical instructor. Your wisdom is something that’s beautiful not only because of the content, but because of your example. In fact, my mirror neurons are on fire, and i hope to take that with me in today’s sarge (10 girls for today.)

    Thanks, Bravo. You’re amazin’!” ~ Aaron

    I appreciate this post.

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