The living embodiment of  ALPHA MALE, Bravo’s journey began like most, with a woman. Realizing he needed a change after a divorce, he began a journey. Six months were spent soul searching and getting his life back in order, he was making amazing changes and was beginning to love all aspects of his life, except one… his dating life. Then one night he saw someone use an opener at a bar.  After he found out what he witnessed, a canned opinion opener, he had a paradigm shift. “It blew my mind, it was at that moment I realized this was something that people could learn and get better at, no longer where some guys just born with it!” He then read The Game and his journey began.

The book was his red pill.

“It opened my eyes to everything and I began to understand all the mistakes I had been making.” Bravo began going out 3-4 times a week to all the places he use to avoid, tearing up his home town with his newfound social skills. “I use to hate the bar scene because I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t understand the game, once I started getting numbers, make-outs, and dates I warmed up to it! I finally felt like a PUA when I had strippers begging me to go home with them,” Bravo says.”The last wouldn’t let me leave until I promised her that she could take ME out for sushi the following day, man had things changed!”

Bravo has been teaching for over ten years. His specialties were Firearms, Edged Weapon, and Close Quarter Combat and instructed elite military and law enforcement personal. “With tactical training I taught concepts that hopefully someone would never have to use. With the Social Arts the skills I teach help people positively change their life from that moment on and they use every day!”

He first met Neil Strauss at the Lucky 20 Apprentice seminar where after the first day, he was asked to step up and help teach. After proving his skills, Style personally invited to join the soon to be formed Stylelife Academy. Once on board he made a name for himself and quickly went from Junior Coach, to Senior Coach, and eventually to Conference Manager and Executive Coach where he managed the entire Stylelife Coaching team (and the only person to ever hold that title). He taught at numerous seminars, bootcamps, and events internationally and was the go to guy whenever someone with a camera wanting to see Pick Up in action.

“In less than a year I went from reading The Game to having Style call me in the middle of the night for advice, and being featured in his follow up book Rules of The Game…it still blows my mind!”

He runs infield bootcamps and has personally instructed thousands of men across the world at conferences, over the phone, online, and private 1 on 1’s. Unlike many of the other PUA “gurus” out there, you can always find him active on his forum, with positive feedback from past students always coming in, ready and waiting to help you!

A great coach, a great example, and most importantly a great friend and mentor to every student

-Neil Strauss ( Style )

To say that Bravo has “skills” as a Dating Coach or as an engaging and articulate seminar speaker is an understatement.   His presentation, at my –Becoming A Powerful Man Workshop, was filled with so much user-friendly material and practical advice that anyone could start using the information to immediately improve their Dating Results.

-Steve P.

If you want to learn to be Manly listen to Bravo. If you want to learn how to wear a boa, lipstick, and fingernail paint there are PUA guys that teach that as well. Bravo = two thumbs up


From the first moment I saw Bravo I knew he was the real deal. I had been reading about this stuff and on forums and all that but had never actually seen somebody in person who was USING and APPLYING the material like he was. He became an instant mentor to me. His feedback is specific and on point, but he doesn’t pull any punches. If you can’t take constructive criticism you shouldn’t be talking to him, but if you can…your life and love life will improve ten fold within just a few conversations. I know mine did.

-The Sneak ( PUA Coach )

I’ve been active in the community for a long time and a lot of instructors disappoint.You meet them, see their quirks and shifty eyes, and think, “how the hell does THIS nervous guy attract women?!” But the first time I shook Bravo’s hand I knew instantly he was the real deal. The word that strikes me is SOLID. He emanates self-assuredness. His voice, eye contact, movements and gestures are all rooted in an effortless confidence. And he is absolutely fearless in the field. Bravo’s got some of the tightest game I’ve ever seen; I’m talking rockstar shit. I’ve been out with him and personally witnessed some of his escapades with women right there in the club that are so salacious I couldn’t believe the bouncer wasn’t tossing them out. Also, Bravo is a born instructor. I was fortunate enough to have him mentor me and I would learn more from him in one conversation than I would from 3 hours of reading. He has a way of breaking things down so concisely and clearly that you instantly feed off his energy. He is, without a doubt, one of the most motivating teachers I’ve ever met.

-Bolshevik ( PUA Coach )

During my time as a social artist, I met many if not all of the big names in the industry and The Game. Few of them lived up to the hype. Bravo is one of the guys that actually transcended all expectation. His game is unique, effective, and honest. While most guys can teach OR pick up; Bravo does BOTH better than anyone I have ever seen up close. Forged from teaching firearms to special forces and SWAT, he takes those skills and applies them into hardcore pick up drills that push you to places you never thought you could go. When I was a student in a Stylelife LA bootcamp, he taught me to believe in myself and that I was much better than I thought. Since then I’ve gone onto excel not just with women, but in all areas of my life. Soon I was chosen to join on as a Stylelife Coach and pay it forward to all men looking to improve their lives. Much of my success is a pure product of Bravo taking me under his wing and showing me a lifestyle of abundance and endless options.

– Topher ( PUA Coach )

Bravo, without a doubt, is the one who shaped my change the most. I went from barely being able to talk to a girl to having threesomes and several girls fighting for my attention, in less than a year. I like his style because it’s how I always wanted to be and he really knows how to get you there, having risen from one of the lowest points to being one of the most respected Social Artists. The thing I liked most about Bravo’s teachings was how much he really cares about his students, I got to see the “behind the scenes” and I was absolutely amazed at how much time and effort Bravo devoted to his students.

– Prodigy

Before meeting Bravo I was in a 2 year drought. Two days after meeting him had a model texting me inviting me to a pool party at her house. The next day I hooked up with a stripper that I met while she was working. A couple days after that had a girl out of her pants within 15 minutes of meeting her. I’ve gotten more phone numbers in the six months since meeting Bravo than I did my entire life before, and had much more fulfilling relationships (and friendships) with women than ever before as well. Those are results; all thanks to Bravo’s coaching.


I have hung out with (REMOVED NAME) and some other self-acclaimed PUA’s before and I never got it. They were just average dudes who WAY over exaggerated the quality of women they went after. I generally just got bad vibes from them. But I thought about our conversation and then about The Game and some of the most important tactics and it came to me that you nailed it all. And you didn’t even need a chick to prove it. I hadn’t ever felt moved by it before. I want that power.

-East Coast

Bravo I’ve had dozen of teachers, you’re one of the few who has made a crucial difference in my life. You taught me how to appreciate people, and your devotion to my learning inspired me to become a better teacher.

-Pete G
Bootcamp Alumni
current Ph.D student and university teacher

I learned more from you in 4 phone calls than I did with (name removed – a very popular “Dating Coach” ) over 6 months. Most importantly, the indirect openers I learned from him never showed the approach anxiety I had until you insisted on me doing direct openers.


I just got home this morning at 2:30am. I got laid.  I will tell you it lasted for hours and she said she had four orgasms. I wanted to say thank you because it would never have happened without your help.


His precise, to the point, honest feedback are some of the things that distinguish him from most of the other coaches I’ve met. Confidence, Grace, Calibration, Alpha-Guy-befriending, Closing (k-closing and #-closing in matter of mins), how to be a leader of men – are only few of the many things I have learned from him. Being an immigrant from India, when I met him, I was full of limiting beliefs, and almost negative game. Now I am with a great girl, in an amazing relationship, and great social circle. I’ve learned more from one evening with Bravo than I’ve learned from 3-day boot-camps with (name removed other pick up companies)


Bravo’s input on my social artist journey has been amazing! Every piece of advice or comment given to me or to any other student was filled with insight, knowledge, and a positive attitude. Reading one of his posts was like a virtual PUSH to go out there and make that change in your life.. when in doubt I think, What Would Bravo Do… Thanks again!!

Still going strong with the girlfriend.. Thanks to you I broke through the “lets just be friends” barrier that I had all my life. Now I am enjoying a healthy and great relationship! What I learned from you is that in order to be successful with women you have to be a MAN! That is what it is, nothing else, no routines, no gimmicks, no bullshit, simply BE A MAN! and of course ask from time to time WWBD.. ha!


When I think of the Alpha-Male, I see your image.


Bravo took me under his wing immediately and taught me things that raised my game entire levels each time. I can’t even begin to talk about the subtleties of women, AMOGS, and social dynamics that he has mastered and continued to build upon…many of which he discovered on his own and added to the “gurus”he studied. When I met Bravo, I was at a point where I was outwardly successful with health and wealth. But I was literally deteriorating inside: angry at the world, angry at women, and most importantly angry at myself because of my utter confusion and failings with the opposite sex…for 31 friggin’ years. Only a short time after learning from Bravo, I now have three…lets say “good female friends”…in Phoenix and one in San Francisco for when I travel. If anyone wants to learn internal self-confidence and outward success with women, I have met a LOT of people in the community…and none are more real and truly successful with teaching the game, than Bravo. Thanks for the life lessons Bravo, and I look forward to working with you in the future.


After meeting and going out with Bravo for the first time, I realized not only was the PUA lifestyle real, this was something I was not going to give up on…He exudes his strong inner game which translates into his awesome outer game. The cool thing is that it is very LEARNABLE with Bravo. He has personally taught me more about inner/outer game then anyone else.

– Double J

I really believe that BRAVO was placed on this earth to teach, to motivate, and to show guys the way to success!

– Dave G.



24 responses to “ABOUT

  1. I have never known someone so genuine that amongst the masses of work, emails, teaching and living that they still have time to drop you a line to see how you are doing. BRAVO is more than just an inspiration and certainly more than just a legend in the Pickup community – to me he is a friend. A careful whisper in my ear when i need guidance and a real boost of energy on my journey as a PUA. Stick close to this guy people; he’s really gonna take you places you’ve never dreamed possible 😉

  2. hi bravo,
    I’m Johnny Vice from Brazil, just wanted you to know that the 3 months since I got into pickup have been the greatest adventure of my life.I got two fuck buddies, a new sex life and right now I’m leaving home to play poker with my new friends, some of the most incredible party promoters of rio. Also, In the forums I met Helio, who is the best wing ever. Without his help I wouldn’t achieve any of my goals, but with my brother by my side I can go out everynght and still keep good grades at college. I really think that you guys don’t teach men how to pick up women. You teach men how to become better men. PU is a consequence. I must tell you, the first weeks of my divorce were dramatic. But now I’m a man full of self-confidence, happy with my current status, but always trying to improve it. I just wanted you and to know a story of how you showed me the path I needed to walk to change my life. You probably heard and read all that things before lots of times, but I needed to do this.
    Thank you Bravo, and my regards.
    You guys surel got yourselves a place in heaven.
    Truly to the bone, JV

  3. The least I can do in return for all that Bravo has done for me is post a comment on his blog to reaffirm to everyone who reads it just how awesome he is.

    During my time as a student with the Stylelife Academy, Bravo’s personal story and teachings were among the first of the coaches to truly standout and affect me in a dramatically positive way and not because I’ve necessarily gone through everything he’s gone through. Rather, his honesty & passion for both the social arts and teaching those arts to improve the lives of the men (and women) around him connected with me and helped me believe that real change for my life was possible.

    Here’s an excerpt from a message I sent him a while back to illustrate the type of change I am talking about:

    “Life’s great here man – I feel like I’m FINALLY getting my shit in order after a crazy couple of years. Startin up a conservative political and cultural blog (I’ll send you the link when it’s up), producin’ a new album, just started training military recruits with our MMA team, and I’m doin’ freelance work – not to mention I got to just bury head in a cool girls huge tits last night for the better part of 5 hours.

    You helped me change my life man.”

    That is an example of my new life, thanks most definitely in part to Bravo. Bravo is an inspiration, not by his words alone, but by his actions and the life he lives. He is his own proof.

  4. Bravo is the real deal. I’ve learned so much over the past few years from his mentoring on the forums, and I wouldn’t have had the success with my game that I do if not for him. In addition, I’ve been fortunate enough to have some personal interactions with Bravo, and I can tell you that he is everything he’s cracked up to be, and he is very passionate about sharing his knowledge with others, and helping them achieve success.
    What you see is what you get with Bravo, and he is a great example of what a true pickup artist is.

  5. Gold! Pure Gold! Bravo’s advice has lead directly to a dramatic increase in my success rates, especially with online game. I’ve taken his methods and made them my own and I’m a completely different guy out there now, its all instinctual. My story was similar to his, recently divorced, needed some help, was ready to grow and he was able to give me the extra juice I needed to take it to the next level.

    Listen to Bravo, he knows his game and the results are proven!


    Its so rarely to have someone break down anything so simple and have it stick forever. When other people teach me something, its like a bruise, stays for awhile and then disappears. Bravo leaves scars, I remember it…period.

    Also, it so refreshing to see someone that is passionate about their craft, loves to spread their knowledge, and genuinely WANTS TO HELP people that want to improve themselves.

    Not only that, he backs it up. He isn’t the fat coach telling his kids to run laps and cant do it himself to save his life. He proves that what he is teaching you works in the field. Master of the Social Arts.

    He is the Bee’s knees, arms, and the legs. He’s the cat’s meow. He is Fedor’s sweater. My god, this Bravo.

  7. I ran across a post of Bravo’s on an internet discussion forum, where he talked about ways to stand out and get women to respond to you on internet dating sites.
    As with most things, I was pretty skeptical. I’ve heard plenty of guys claiming to be a super stud, only to turn out to be a loser dud.
    After following the discussion for several days and seeing other members replying and claiming they had used the methods he was promoting, and were now getting noticed by women, I started to get a peaked interest.
    To be completely honest though, I decided to move forward with his advice, half because I figured what the hell, anything is worth a shot, and the other half thinking I can expose this guy and those replies a probably his best friends backing him up.
    So, I diligently followed his advice, word for word. I wasn’t going to mess this up by slightly changing something and leave him a door to blame any failure on my changes.
    Up to that point, I had been on this particular dating site for a few months and had only gotten a handful of replies, and only a couple worth even replying to, using a profile I created myself, and thought was pretty good.
    I replaced this all with the suggestions Bravo had made.
    Within 3 hours I had 2 replies, both from cute looking girls!
    Oh well, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while, right?
    I went to bed that night slightly intrigued with the 2 ladies that had suddenly shown an interest in me.
    The next day I was busy and didn’t get to check online until late in the evening. Not even 24 hours had passed, and when I logged in I was shocked. I had 17 women who had send my messages! And at least 6 of them were very attractive girls that seemed to offer other great attributes, like shared interests, good humor, and similar goals.
    I was blown away. Consider me a skeptic no more.
    I sent my profile to Bravo and he suggested a few more tweaks for me to make. I can’t wait to see how they work out. If it works as well as his initial help did, I’m going to have to forgo some of my personal activities, so that I have more time for dating.
    Bravo is the real deal. I am a skeptic no more.

  8. I would not be where I am at today without BRAVO. So many great things to be said about his skills. Basically, he is the big brother that everyone wishes they had. He won’t let you fail and he pushes you into points where your game needs to go. Not only in game, but in your lifestyle.

  9. I can honestly say, if it were not for Bravo I wouldn’t be here(alive) right now.

    A couple weeks ago, after a terrible break-up with a woman who I thought was one in “6 billion” cheated on me with someone whom she knew I hated.

    I became bitter, angry, depressed and in a foolish impulse at 18 years of age I tried taking my own life thinking I had nothing to live for. I come from a past that is not as glamorous or easy to describe in words you can understand unless you’ve been there. I was so trapped by my own negativity that my mind was not looking clear at the path that was ahead of me. Like Albert Einstein once said “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” I did not see that until Bravo showed up.

    I came to him for some advice after my attempt to suicide failed, I was not expecting a response, much less one that was so quickly answered or as enlightening as his, I was just reaching out to him to tell myself I tried something but I knew I would try to finish the job (suicide) later. Bravo however, like a hero in a movie who shows up at the last minute and saves the day, saved my life with his constant advice.

    I remember the things he told me every time I’m feeling depressed because after some serious thought I’ve come to realize there is nothing more truthful and more encouraging than his words. Not only does he give really important, wise, expensive advice for free, but he seems happy to do so. Not only did he give me advice over and over again but he also related his story to mine, giving me comfort and confidence because I knew if a guy had been through something similar and succeeded so could I.

    His advice was literally life-changing. I now hold the keys to the control room of my life (which Bravo helped me find) and this time I’m breaking all the rules! I’m on my way to becoming a better man, A REAL MAN, and I had to pick some body that I would want to be like it would definitely be Bravo.

    Bravo, you are my role model, you are my savior, you are like the type of brother/father/friend that I always wanted but never had. Someone I could look up to, someone who is successful, someone who will listen, someone who is a kickass marital artist, but most importantly, someone who is not selfish and gives back to the community. I’m on the road to success thanks to you, you responded when no one else would. My only regret is not writing this words before because I was too busy feeling depressed and self-pity. Nonetheless, you are the man I want to grow up to be!! I swear, words can not express how thankful I am towards this man for saving my life!!!

    If you have any beverage near you raise it because I’m about to propose a toast. “Here’s to the Man who every Boy should grow up to be like, and the Man every Woman wants, Bravo!! Cheers!”

    P.S Style, if you ever read this, GIVE BRAO A RAISE, I don’t know how much he gets paid, but I’m pretty sure he deserves twice his salary. He’s very professional, he knows what he’s doing and he does it well, he takes his job seriously, but most of all I can tell he likes helping others!!

  10. To add to what I previously said. This is how I’m handling life now and I know i could have never gotten to this realization without Bravo’s intervenience in my lfe so here it goes.


    once again, and a billion times after that, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING BRAVO. You do really deserve an aplause everytime someone mentions your name btw. lol

  11. that’s awesome. i agree with everything you said. when i got into pickup years ago, it was to learn a better way to hook up with girls. since then, i have learned a lot about life in general and becoming a better person. pickup is not about banging chicks, it’s about becoming a better man.

    and after spending a few years on forums and in the community, i’ve had the opportunity to get to know bravo on a little more of a personal level, and he is truly a great guy. a great pickup artist and a great teacher, but fuck pickup. he’s just an all around great guy. as busy as he is helping students, he recently took a half hour to discuss an iPad with me, and made some recommendations to me about how to better manage MY business, which has nothing to do with pickup.

    if you are a newbie who is just curious about the pickup community, an experienced PUA looking for a mentor, a pickup coach looking to hone your teaching skills, or just a guy looking for a good example to follow, bravo is truly a class act.

    let me wipe the tears from my eyes and end this thread. thanks bravo for being a great example to so many people out there.


  12. I’ve gotta give a shout out to Bravo. I’ve been doing calls with him for the last month and tonight was the first night in forever that I actually had tons of fun at the bar. I get why people go out so much now to the bars! It’s fun meeting people like that.
    All the things Bravo has been telling me to do are coming together; putting myself together, having the right attitude on life, and giving me personalized advice. Bravo you are the shit and I feel like I finally have a fighting chance to have the life I deserve, and only after 1 month of calls!

  13. I never have trouble meeting women in person. So while I knew Bravo knew his stuff, it really didn’t apply to me.

    However, my profile has been pure fail. I had no luck with online dating, and ASSumed it was because women were messaged so frequently that my profile got lost in the sea of Plenty of Fish.

    Little did I know how little did I know…

    Bravo posted a few tips about online game. Since my online dating had been such a failure, I simply cribbed what he had on his profile. And the women came to me. It was as easy as posting a few key phrases; uploading some pictures; and checking my mail every 24 hours.

    It was almost like magic. I am not the kind of guy to develop man crushes. But, wow, he has some powerful material!

    If he produces an e-book, I’ll be first in line to buy it. I even bought him a membership at the site I read, in recognition for his help.

    His advice on online game is top-quality, and I cannot praise enough. A+ material!

  14. Well, this has been long over due, but I can honestly say that it is because of the things that I have learned from Bravo, that I have literally been too busy with sex, women, life, that I have forgotten to pay homeage to the one who told me how to do it the right way.

    I have had the priveledge of knowing Bravo most of my life. He was my best friends little brother and now I can proudly say, definitely one of my best friends.

    I have never had difficulty attracting women. I almost always got the woman that I wanted. But every relationship would fail the exact same way.

    I was determined that the next time I met someone that I would not go down the same path. And what happened, initially, I did the exact same thing. However, Bravo gave me some words of wisdom and got me back on the right path. and I can honestly say that I have not been happier in a very long time.

    He is not just a good PUA, but a great person and friend, as well. I can tell anyone that ever invests their time with him, that it will be well worth it bcause he legitimately loves what he does and cares about he people that he helps.

    Good luck in your new endeavor!

  15. I consider myself graduated from the pickup community in that I feel I no longer need to put much effort into my dealings with women. I’m outside of my own head and have a solid confidence in myself that surpasses any manufactured means of simply pretending to be confident to attract a woman. This only happened because I completely disarmed my ego, absorbed everything I could about women and pickup, made very close online friends with guys doing the same thing, and constantly took chances. When I’d learned enough I dropped out of the community and focused on the more important and imminent aspects of my life – namely, my role as a film student and the career I wanted to forge.

    When you take the understanding of psychology, attraction, and seduction you’ll get through a program like this, and focus it on the other aspects of your life, putting your lust for sex or desire for a relationship on the back-burner to more noble and lasting aims, that’s when you really start to attract and succeed with women.

    And when you reach that point, that’s when you really find yourself remarkably comfortable around and successful around the same women you once stood in the corner of a room admiring, or constantly made a fool of yourself to try and impress (I was always more the latter).

    I’d like to throw my hat back in the ring to help out people going through what I went through however I can. I’m extremely busy right now (I’m a screenwriting/actor with a lot of big goals) and probably won’t have much time to help, but I’d like to make helping guys struggling with women my way of giving back to the world. It’s something that, like Bravo I’m constantly interested in and passionate about.

    Bravo and the other coaches in Stylelife helped me tremendously in my unsteady latter teenage years. I remember being completely addicted to learning pickup. I’d pay thirty times more attention to everything everyone posted, and the feedback the guys I admired and wanted to emulate gave me, than anything I was taught in school.

    All that being said, pickup used to be a big part of my life, and through my time in this world, I met a lot of guys who called themselves pickup artists. (I think it’s a silly thing to call yourself but that’s part of the fun!).

    I’ve never met anyone so singularly passionate about learning and teaching the ins and outs of pickup as BRAVO. And I’ve met Style himself. But Style’s not style. He’s Neil Strauss – a fantastic guy who I completely admire as an innovator and a writer. Style’s an incredible writer and adventurer who in many ways gave birth to this crazy pickup community I was and you guys are all a part of.

    He’s like the Jesus of pickup. (If Jesus didn’t get crucified and instead went on to consistently write and publish fantastic books.)

    Bravo’s Bravo the Baptist. If you’re just starting out, trust Bravo. Do the crazy things he tells you to do. Take his guidance to heart. Heed his word and he’ll baptize you in the waters of alpha and give you the tools you need to take your romantic life to the next level.

    Bravo cares tremendously about what he does. I saw it in his eyes when I met him. His aim in life is to help people like you. There’s a lot of scammers out there who’ll peddle a lot of bullshit to you for Scientology-crazy prices, but from what I’ve seen, Bravo’s not one of them.

    I don’t think there’s anyone out there right now who cares more or is more able to guide and quicken evolution of the struggling male to the Alpha Male!

    And no, Bravo did not ask or pay me to write this.

  16. I just posted this in the forum, but for those of you who aren’t in it. I thought I’d shed some light.

    “It comes down to your goals—- what do you want out of all of this?”

    I met Bravo in sunny LA last night and let me tell you— he’s the real deal. I was nervous and cold, but he made me feel like I was one of his old pals. He took time out of his busy schedule to help a guy who really needed it.

    After some rounds of sushi, Root Beer, and deconstructing theories of my own. Bravo concisely told me how to improve, and this is just the beginning.

    Furthermore, I’ll have to agree with Misterola— The Game is about balance, and what’s great is that it teaches you a lot about time management. The fundamentals of being goal orientated, motivated, and confident in your approach transcend to other facets of your life.

    If you learn from Bravo, you will learn not only how to be comfortable, confident, and interesting to women. You will define your own reality in life—- be careful with that power though.

    Great Power. Great Responsibility.


    No longer are you

  17. I didn’t think chicks would actually fall for this PUA stuff. But, out of curiosity, I changed one of my free site profiles from my plain vanilla narrative to Bravo’s suggested language. I didn’t change anything else, because I wanted to prove to myself that this stuff doesn’t actually work.

    My old narrative would generate a message every once in a while. But, within a few hours of using Bravo’s suggestions I had more messages than I had using my old narrative in months.

    I am a converted believer!! I never thought it would work, but Bravo understands the female mind!

  18. Alain :
    I love Hypnotica’s stuff and when he says that someone is worth it, it’s absolutly true.
    Thanks for all the info and coaching.

    Actually planning on hanging out with him today in SD!

    Awesome attracts awesome


  19. Cant praise this man enough….I followed his advice on how to use plenty of fish dating website..In a matter of weeks I got the chick Ive always wanted..no mascara required…great wisdom with no hidden agenda….do yourself a favor and check out online game….

  20. I dedicated the girl I just had sex with to Bravo. Using Bravo’s FREE teachings I’ve had more girls than with any other pua method, when I have the money I’m buying your program. Bravo — drinks are on me whenever you’re in my neck of the woods.

  21. I attended the flashchat hosted by Shotz and NSM tonight, and it was honestly the most helpful advice I’ve ever gotten. I’ve been struggling with a few aspects of my life, and he helped sort them out and clarify what I’m doing wrong, and straighten my mindset on how I approach pickup and my life in general. I would take a Bravohood flash chat over any other pickup material i could think of.

    I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the help and support you provide through your site. I feel like everyone here actually cares about each others’ progress and well being and isn’t just out to make a quick buck off of rehashed pickup jargon.

  22. Bravo… Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for all the time and effort you’ve put into educating myself and fellow OGers.

    Thanks bro!

  23. Found your online dating video by accident. I enjoyed watching & hearing you speak. Anyway, after following some tips & tweaked by online dating profile, things changed! No going into details, but I just know it works! That’s good enough for me. I am not talking the online dating thing too seriously. However, I still continue to have fun with it.

    Thanks your help! I continue to check out your site. Definitely your on my new list of PUAs.

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