The BEST Halloween prank video I have seen

A buddy of mine just posted this on Facebook


Most videos I see on YouTube make me feel like the human race is doomed. Even  “funny” ones can’t even get me to crack a smile (because my sense of humor is roughly 385% higher than the average person)


But this video is awesome!


Instead of jumping out and trying to scare someone like every other video, this one is creepy without a sudden movement, or any movement at all, and it only takes a second or two before it elicits a response.




As soon as I saw it I had to share it with you guys.

My very first job was at a Haunted House, and there was a guy who would stand by the door in full makeup and not move for minutes. As the line kept moving, eventually new people would be staring at him trying to figure out if he was real or not….most of the time he didn’t break- and I thought that was the fucking coolest move!

-Sometimes less is more


Anyways, Happy Halloween!


-new blog post coming soon


Reason #2 why you NEED to wear a rubber


If you don’t, you will be buying your baby momma new shoes from the child support check (aka money that is taken out of your paycheck before you ever see it)



Few things in this world can instantly make my blood boil…this is one.

2 lessons from dirty homeless people – that can help your game

“Holy shit, I just had to call someone and share this, I am stuck in traffic on Fairfax and there is some fat homeless lady SHITTING in the gutter!”


“Well….welcome to LA!”


Anyone who has been stuck in LA traffic knows how insane it is- and just so you guys can fully appreciate it, here is a vid I took years ago where a handicapped dude with a wonked up leg, gets around faster than me in my truck!



Now that you know clearly how bad it is, this intersection is even worse, 3 lights later and I haven’t moved an inch.

So when she pulled down her filthy purple sweat pants and just started shitting away next to the CVS, I was stuck there for all of it’s glory.


As she started taking care of business, I looked around at all of the people who were also witnessing this horrible, HORRIBLE sight, and to see their reactions. (I at least wanted to get something good out of this!)

People in the cars around me either didn’t even see it (great level of awareness) or they pretended like they didn’t.

Just then a small group exited the CVS and turned left, heading right towards her……finally something good was going to come of this, the guys and the girl would see it and FREAK OUT resulting in lulz


….at least I imagined they would


Slowly they got closer….and closer…UNTIL


The girl moved her head a few inches to her right….then shot it straight forward again as they walked past her.





As soon as they got a few steps past the mad shitter, I saw her elbow the guy on the left, her eyes grow large and she mouthed the words


They all looked over their shoulder for a second, turned around, exchanged a few words, but didn’t look back and didn’t stop walking.


So now one of the most horrible and disgusting sites I have ever witnessed in my life, only garnered a look and an elbow, thus resulting in me calling my friend to share it with her.


Afterwards it got me thinking, one of the BIGGEST fears guys have when approaching chicks is-




  • What if people are watching me hit on her?
  • What if I get rejected in front of people?
  • What if they hear what I say?
  • etc.

Well here is some news for you


The dirty homeles lady TAKING A SHIT proved this!
There she was, shitting for the whole world to see and













Guess what, you know how you (currently or use to) walk around in your own bubble, with your head down, missing most of what goes on in the world,  and worrying about everyone else judging you…


and the people who don’t, don’t give a fuck about you, and they sure as fuck don’t give a shit about you walking over to a girl and hitting on her!




So lesson #1 is




Next up is the fear of rejection


When was the last time a dirty bum hit you up for some spare change?

How many times has this happened in your whole life?

(hard to remember isn’t it?)


I have gotten pretty good with my serious face throughout the years, homeless people usually know better than to ask me. I also really HATE it when those fuckers hit me up.

Ya let me GIVE you some of my money, that I worked hard for, so you can go eat, or more likely, go get some drugs- FOR FREE!!!



(but I will be honest, the last one who hit me up outside the UPS store had a dog and got 75 cents from me, using the sympathy pet card…well played you dirty bearded fuck…well played)


If a bum had AA or was scared of being rejected, he wouldn’t be able to eat, or score!

I usually just ignore them, but man have I heard some HORRIBLE shit said to them in my life!

So I have rejected, or flat out ignored more bums than I could even guess, but seconds later when I get in my car, I don’t give them a second thought.

EVEN if I did, all day, until I was in bed that night looking up at the ceiling, shaking a fist and screaming




it would have 0% effect on him and the rest of his life

I guarantee he has already forgotten about it, so the only place that it would “live on” is in my mind.

-and back to lesson #1, even if someone else saw it, they wouldn’t care either.


Just like us walking out of the grocery store, and we see the homeless guy start to snap into action, we kick into autopilot mode and deal with it and either blow him off, make an excuse, ignore him, or give him something.

EVERY other homeless guy before him has helped program our reaction.

So lets flip it, you approach some hottie and she blows you off.

  • EVERY other guy who has approached her had a hand her her reaction to you, so don’t take it personally.
  • 2nd, if she does blow you out, seconds later she has ALREADY FORGOTTEN about you and isn’t giving you a 2nd thought, so why are you?
  • 3rd even if she DID, all that night she kept fuming over the guy who talked to her and asked her about her opinion on something, she went home and took off her push up bra and fake eyelashes, and was looking in the mirror with bloodshot eyes full of anger towards you- you would’t even know and it has 0% effect on you.

So lesson #2 is


-IF you let it

The Bravohood hits 1000 members!!!





I remember when I first set up this site as just a blog, really so I could stay in touch with many of the guys who enjoyed my posts and writing.


Then one of them posted as a comment that I should add a forum

The truth is I REALLY wanted to create my own forum and FINALLY be able to run it MY WAY




I didn’t want to make one and have it be a ghost town.

One of the first things I do when researching someone / trying to figure out if PUA coach is solid – is check out their website.

A cool set up and flashy pages can just mean that they suckered a computer intern into designing something for them, but the forum never lies.

  • How active is it?
  • Does the guy who’s name is on the website post there?
  • Are their posts actually cool/funny/helpful or just shitty marketing?
  • How are the rest of the members? Helpful or just frustrated keyboard jockeys
  • Is there an easy way to instantly tell who the advanced guys are?
  • Is the forum COOL?

So when I set up MY forum- THE BRAVOHOOD I tried my best to address each of these, and it seems like many of you guys dig it…well at least 999 of you.



I was blown away when we hit 300, then 500….now 1000

Thank you guys, and here is to the next 1000

If your marriage is failing, clean your vag

The same stuff the bowling alley uses on dirty shoes, can save your marriage!

(well to be fair they use that generic shit)


I love these old ads-



A man marries a woman because he loves her. So, instead of blaming him if married love begins to cool, she should question herself. Is she truly trying to keep her husband and herself eager, happily married lovers?

I like this way of thinking!


The same shit I spray in the trashcan, docs were telling chicks to squirt inside their vag!


…how come I never see this stuff on MAD MEN?

Worst DHV ever

DHV stands for Demonstration of Higher Value


A DHV is more than just a magic trick or a routine, while those can be DHVs (if done smoothly at the right time) many guys forget about the DHVs that are working for you every second, before you are even around a girl. eg. body posture, vocal projection, vocal tonality, body language, eye contact, fashion, hair, your teeth…(only listed a few that can be worked on pretty easily) If you don’t have those taken care of, then you are DLVing (Demonstrating Lower Value).

For some reason guys don’t want to work on those, they want to learn how to make a watch stop or how to CUBE a chick first…and IMO that is bad.


These last two weeks I have been discussing DHVs for hours and hours with students on my coaching calls. Many guys have an idea of what a DHV is, but are trying to force them WAY to hard to make it work effectively.  The other big issue is that while it might be a great DHV, but not for the reasons you think, so all of the high points they are trying to hit are way off the mark and it ends up almost doing more harm than good…


So what I thought would be cool to try for this post, in the comments below write out a few DHVs and give an example of how you use them or incorporate them into your PUA toolbox.


Next blog post I will give an example of how I DHV and how it does several awesome things all at the same time. (might have to make it a audio/video to convey what I need) and also give some feedback on the ones you guys list. I will also be actively commenting back giving more feedback and tips (unlike almost every other PUA who for some reason hate writing and posting on their OWN site??? WTF)


But I wanted to share this….I get asked some crazy fucking stuff….and as long as you guys are trying to improve I am always happy to help as much as I can.


Proof= my FREE Flashchats on my forum where you can ask some of the solid guys on my site for help for FREE


Well this actually came up in an OLD flashchat and I saved it, because it might be the WORST DHV I have ever heard!



[Mxxxxxxx] 5:38 pm: You’ve read the Da Vinci Code, right? I grew up in an Opus Dei environment and received the most warped sex education. I thought children were created through a “special embrace”. I had no idea what this “special embrace” was, but I was told that you can also get AIDS from it. I sadly resigned to the fact that I will marry someone special for who she is even if I don’t ever have sex with her because I didn’t want to get


[Mxxxxxxx] 5:39 pm: Anyway it’s Filipino custom to greet relatives and close friends with a kiss on the cheek LIKE THIS (demonstrate kiss on cheek) and I had this Uncle who always held my head like THIS and gave me a big beardy wet kiss RIGHT on the LIPS. It was like in slow motion everytime he’d go in for the kiss as I winced in helplessness. I panicked that I might be getting AIDS from my uncle. No tongue, just so you know.

[Mxxxxxxx] 5:39 pm: Anyway, my eyes were eventually opened and to this day I am AIDS-free, but that does not mean I still let my uncle plant a wet one on me.



So that is a pretty good example of how trying to convey to a chick that you are healthy and STD free (while a good thing) and trying to kino, if done poorly can do hurt more than help.


It also goes against one of my rules about bringing up AIDS within a few minutes after meeting someone (rape also falls into that category)


But better to find this out on an anonymous FREE forum where guys are here to help you…than to crash and burn with a hottie




OK comment below and lets try and make your DHVs kick ass!

Change your perspective

If I woke up early this morning, and was stumbling to the bathroom to piss and stepped in cat shit it would make my day. Actually if I stepped in cat shit, slipped and fell into it, I would be fucking ECSTATIC!

-I was telling this to my friend last week and she started laughing and it inspired me to write this.



So why the hell would I be happy if I stepped in Kali’s shit?

Just a few weeks ago I was cleaning out her litter box, and was frustrated that I couldn’t use the $200 self cleaning litter box I bought awhile ago, it doesn’t fit at my new place. As I am scooping it I was thinking how sick and tired I am of cleaning this damn thing out.


Then Kali got sick


Real sick


Around 2 grand and a week later, all I know is she skin and bones and every time I looked at her I had to check if she was even breathing.

They put in a feeding tube and every few hours I had to squirt food thru it, not fun….

A week of that and she still isn’t doing better. I have never had a pet that was my own before. I am not even a fucking cat guy, my x-wife wanted one and I rescued her and ended up keeping her for the next 7 years. I have also never had a pet die on me, so was planning how to deal with everything if she didn’t make it and where I might bury her.

After an x-ray and more tests (goodbye $$) they decided to move her feeding tube a little higher up.


So by now it has been over a week since she has even taken a dump. Every morning I checked her litter box hoping to find one


All it took was a few weeks and I went from hating cleaning out her box, to feeling like a kid at Christmas hoping the box I was opening was the present I had been dreaming about! Then I even got to the point where I was hoping she had an accident somewhere in my place, and all of us with pets know the WORST way to find those is by stepping in them!

It’s almost like pets pull that shit on purpose. They don’t go and puke, piss, or shit over on the tile or vinyl floor, where we could clean it up with a few paper towels and then a once over with some cleaner,  they do it right in the middle of the room on the carpet, like a big FUCK YOU, this is YOUR FAULT! Or better yet, they do it right in our normal walkways so we step in it, always at the worst time, usually running late for something…


But even if any of those things happened, it would have made my day! Because I would have known her how digestive system was starting to work again, which was one of the signs we were waiting for to see if she was going to pull thru.


….think that is enough talk about shit, but that got me thinking


It is all our perspective, if we don’t like something change it.


I didn’t need this to happen to appreciate that Kali was healthy and alive, but it is crazy how one change and all of the sudden something we hated, we are looking forward to.


Another example of this, one of my buddies sent me a picture of him with a girl he starting hanging out with, and when I say hanging out I meant spending some time with and fucking. He is older, she is younger and pretty smoking.

He emailed me a pic and added-

Shit, I feel like I’m getting OLD!

Look at this photo–she looks young and beautiful.

I look fucking old.

Tell me it’s not that bad.

My response was-

all I see is a fucking pimp with a hot young chick!!!


A student I just did a coaching call with was emailing me, all of his friends were hooking up with chicks he opened that night. Of course he was pissed off and I told him he needs to have a heart to heart with his “friends” after to make sure they don’t do that shit again. BUT I did have to point out that he was responsible for everyone having fun that night, and all of his friends riding HIS COAT TAILS, not too bad and pretty cool progress in the big picture! (and once he fixes the dickhole friends angle, then should be awesome)


The only thing we have true control of in this entire world is ourselves and how we react to outside stimuli. So if you don’t like something, change the way you look at it.


One of the biggest examples of this are new guys who get into Pick Up. The want to be hooking up with hotties and strippers after a week or two. When they aren’t, they get pissed and frustrated. They always want to compare themselves to other people, guys on the forum, or guys they read about in a book.




This never was a problem for me, I think from my martial arts training and tactical training I learned how to live in the moment. During force on force gun training, me thinking about what might happen a room or two from now divided my focus, and made me perform less effectively in my current training scenario (eg. hostage rescue) and because we were using sims or paintballs, if I wasn’t on point I would get shot. Getting shot hurts, so you learn very quickly to focus to avoid the pain.


I understand that most of you haven’t been in situations like that, but you can still understand the principle behind it. If you are jamming out on a guitar with your buddies, are you thinking about what you MIGHT be playing 5 mins from now, no you are playing music now and trying to make it sound good.

Just like painting, you want to think about the final product, but you should be focusing as much as you can on your next brush stroke, THAT is the one that matters RIGHT NOW, not the one 15 mins later.


Focusing on the negative, worrying about the future, not making the most of what is going on right now is killing you.

If you are you need to shift your perspective, instead of thinking “I talked to 20 chicks tonight and didn’t get to SNL any of them” you should be thinking -WOW I went out and talked to 20 new people, had fun, and might make some cool contacts out of them for later. I wouldn’t have been able to do that a few months ago!!”


Appreciate the small things, appreciate the things you take for granted, appreciate even the things that annoy you.

One day you might be missing them…



-and Kali update

she has had her feeding tube taken out yesterday by the vet, is putting on weight, and eating a ton


she has also taken the biggest turds I have ever seen from her, and it put a giant smile on my face!