PX 4 is coming…

Bravohood members have been asking when the next Project X was going down…

I’ve had more coaching and 1on1’s than ever before (going to bed shortly, 3 days of 1on1 starting tomorrow) and because I put in SO much energy and time planning and running PX, I’ve been waiting until I had a break in my work schedule before I could commit to the next one.

Well that break is coming up.


I will be locking down specific dates and times shortly, then opening up the application phase again.
So if you read the reviews on my forum, the threads the guys who have previously attended have posted, (one of my favorites was DJNinja’s foursome) and want in, get ready.

I will only be accepting 6 guys again, and don’t know when I will offer then next one….

PX2 is closed

The application process of PX2 has closed


Anyone who applied will be considered for the 2nd level of selection, which I have emailed all of you back for (unless you JUST applied last night)


I am finalizing the last spot now, and creating a hold list in case any of the 6 are unable to attend (it’s not going to be more than 6, I am not going to magically be able to accept more people. Any time you see that, it is a slimey marketing trick)


Thank you to everyone who emailed me about this and your continued support. I wouldn’t be able to do cool shit like this, if it wasn’t for you guys!