She thanks me for taking her virginity…

“I’m really lucky that my first time is with you” -a lovely, 22 year old, dancer, former virgin.

In this audio, listen to PROOF that you can be smooth with the ladies, NOT be a dirtbag, and actually have them THANK you for fucking their brains out.




….I have a rough life, but I do it all for you guys!


“NICE guys” love to try and get on their moral high horse when getting into pick up. They develop a set of beliefs about what is RIGHT and what is WRONG, either thru crappy love movies, bad advice from women, or just from their distorted imagination about what women want.

One of the most frustrating things, as a coach, is trying to break thru this….getting them to realize they don’t understand women and to drop all of their incorrect and unsubstantiated beliefs.

So while we were laying in bed after sex, and the conversation started to go down this path, I thought hearing it from a woman might help some of you- so quickly grabbed my camera! (which of course is always strategically places near my bed)

We already talked about my job and everything I do, and we also made some videos after this…further proving that she was a NAUGHTY girl just WAITING for a man to come along and make her feel safe enough to share her inner slut, which I was happy to help.

Which leads into another important lesson. The sex toy industry is already over 4 BILLION dollars a year, which is a market dominated by women (toys for women / porn for men)- how much more proof do guys need that women WANT sex!!!

Lastly the audio also proves that being 100% open and honest with your intentions can lead to some amazing experiences.


Isn’t it about time you learn how to be the man they are playing with themselves every night thinking about?


COACHING with Bravo


She actually contacted ME first on PoF, because of my profile which I cover in my Online Game 2.0 program


How awesome is that?

She hit on ME first, and then thanked me for fucking her.



Happy Thanksgiving & Thank You

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and I wanted to let everyone in THE BRAVOHOOD know that the thing I am most thankful for this year is you guys and your support.

When I went solo at the start of last year, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stick around in the PUA community, or that if it even wanted me.

That decision was one of those forks in the road…

Looks like I picked the right path, all while NOT turning into a scammy internet marketer who only cares about the sale.


none of this would have been possible without


So I wanted to send this out and thank you for the love.


I hope you get to enjoy your Thanksgiving and holiday season…and if not, use it as motivation to make NEXT year’s better!

(like I did after my divorce on New Years- I wrote about it on HERE)


ps. if you haven’t watched SIDEWAYS (wine tasting, bachelor party, road trip), or if you have but it has been a while, I would watch it soon-ish. Been wanting to plan a special 100% FREE forum Flashchat hosted by ME and think starting off with discussion about that movie would be cool

more details to follow

1 Year Anniversary

1 year ago I launched this blog

Slowly it started building up with traffic and comments and several months later I was asked to add a forum, I did The Bravohood, which is totally free an said by many to be the best PUA forum on the internet.

Just a short while ago it hit 365 members. (crazy coincidence)

Guys started asking about doing training with me, so I set it up to do phone and skype coaching, I created my Online Game 2.0 program (which has been endorsed by many PUA / Life coaches and instructors)

Now guys are asking for infield training, which is going to come very soon (and like everything I do will kickass)

I never took a computer class in my life and 1 year ago when I made this blog I wasn’t sure how it would do, I will admit I was very worried it was just going to be a ghost town like so many other PUA style sites.

I did my best NOT to let that happen, and now a year later am kicking ass because of YOU guys

So thank you for helping me, thank you for helping make this site a success, and thank you for supporting